"Samira, I wholeheartedly am grateful to you for the miracle you made happen in selling my parents’ home.  As a trial attorney, I was just astounded by your legal expertise, dedication, top-notch marketing, knowledge of all sides of the business, and willingness to go the extra-mile. You went above-and-beyond what I was hoping for and expecting. 

        You worked your heart out and hit the ground running from the very first time you saw the house, with great results!!  You are simply amazing as you proved with your integrity, knowledge, and tireless efforts to keep fighting for the very best outcome for my parents. 

         When an abusive buyer demanded a huge price reduction during escrow and you were four days away a commission check, you encouraged us to cancel escrow! You always put our interests ahead of yours even when it doubled your work for the same pay.

        You re-marketed the property when 3 weeks away from a foreclosure sale!
You used your law practice connections and obtained an extension on the foreclosure from the Trustee!  You produced a second round of multiple offers.   

         As an attorney, you had our back.  As our Broker, you got us more money even after a cancelled escrow and while in foreclosure!  With you, we have the best of both worlds."                                - Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz, Esq. DIAZ LAW FIRM. 

“Samira, you offer a unique combination of skills: a practicing litigator and broker who owns a real estate brokerage.  As a trial attorney, I especially appreciate the way you meticulously structured my file so that it’s “summary judgment ready” if the need arises post- closing. You are an expert in this field, trustworthy, the consummate professional who represented me zealously. No one should purchase real estate without you as their attorney/broker.  It’s a no brainer.”  
                                                        - Kyle Madison, Esq., MADISON LAW GROUP. 

“Samira Kermani is very thorough in her research, client focused and delivers great results. She always looked out for my best interest and was always available when I needed advice. When a deal was less than optimal, Samira encouraged me to cancel escrow even though it meant she would not get her commission. As an attorney, I value her knowledge of real estate.  She is a true fiduciary in every sense of the word.”                                                                                 – Jason Schwartz, Esq.

“Samira goes above and beyond the call of duty. My entire family has worked exclusively with Samira since 2003. She is super dedicated to the client, loves what she does and is extremely efficient. I received “white glove” treatment from her. She always copied me on all correspondence so I was  in the loop and learned so much just reading her emails.  She advised me to cancel several escrows when the inspections or disclosures revealed problems that I did not appreciate the severity of. Her expertise as a practicing real estate attorney provides a higher level of service than with just a realtor.  Samira is a must hire.”
                                            – Maureen Meulen, film editor, ELEMENT PICTURES.  

“Karlton Stone is a one-stop shop for real estate buyers. As a litigator, I felt relieved to have an attorney/ broker represent us. I watched how you protected our interests in every step. From providing us with comps going back six months prior to drafting our offer, to re-drafting escrow instructions, reading underlying documents in the title report, calling the Title company for further details, attending all inspections with us, to negotiating favorable escrow terms and getting the seller to pay for atypical closing costs, you saved us several thousands and took excellent care of us. You truly are the Nordstrom of customer service.”           –  Priscilla Peterson, Esq.

“A woman of her word. Samira’s expertise and high ethics make her a rare jewel in this industry where some agents sell their clients down the river for a commission. Samira could not care less about the commission. She is all about “doing the right thing” and protecting her client’s interest. The properties she found us are jewels.”
                                                                    –  Priscilla Sabado, financial advisor.

"Samira represented me in my purchase of real estate. She caught some shady activity by the seller.  She saved me from making a bad deal and I canceled the purchase. Samira was a pleasure to work with and really looked out for my interests.”                                                   - Matt Leonard, writer director, K AND M FILMS. 


"Thank you for the most excellent work you did in marketing the sale of my home. Not one other broker has ever worked so diligently and presented my home in such an elegant manner.  Additionally, your work in moving things along with all the most tedious legal aspects of selling a property was impeccable and precise."
                                                                                                      - Raquel Z.

“Unlike some agents who only show you high priced properties, Samira set up an automated MLS search engine that emailed us every time any new property hit the market. She even created our very own private “Client Portal” access to the Broker’s MLS!  Samira believes in complete transparency in transactions and always copied us on all correspondence and provided lots of advice during our due diligence. She is a rare combination of expertise and caring."                      – Marie-Anne M., investor. 

"Thank you for all you have done in regard to my first home purchase. You have been very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and explained everything in  detail to me. Your personality is warm and welcoming and you are a true professional.  I will definitely use your services again in the future and I would recommend anyone who needs a great buyer's broker to you! You provided outstanding service with a personable touch. Your expertise in real estate and law proved invaluable."  
                                          - P.J. Tanaeim. CEO, L.A. GRANITE AND TILE CORP. 

“Samira delivered on every promise. She does what she says. She prepared a very comprehensive market analysis and plan.  She produced comps going back six months before we ever wrote an offer, to make sure we don’t over pay.”  
                                                                                                   - Jean-Marie M..  

“Samira Kermani is a passionate and dedicated real estate broker. She is a caring human being, generous with her time, and patiently explained all the paper work in my first real estate purchase.  She held my hand all through escrow. She is a joy to work with.”                                                                                         - Jasmine M. 

“As a nursing student and single working mother, I did not think I could purchase a home. But Samira made my dream of being a homeowner come true.  Samira genuinely cared about my interests. She made the process super easy and enjoyable. Samira is a classy professional whom I trust.”                                       – K. Serrano. 

“Samira is an expert on real estate matters and is great to work with.  I have referred many people to her.”                  - William Vu, Esq.  LAW OFFICES OF WILLIAM VU.