Purchasing real estate is a significant investment of resources and requires you to navigate lengthy legal documents where commitments and representations are made. Having a seasoned real estate attorney representing you who is also an active real estate broker, a member of the Professional Standards Committee of the Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors® and serves on panels at the California Association of Realtors® is a smart choice.

Real property is the most expensive asset that you may ever purchase.

Why trust just anyone to walk you through this very important contract that you are about to sign? 

In many states, an attorney handles this process.

Samira Kermani, Esq., is a seasoned broker and real estate attorney.  She will personally explain the Purchase Agreement, addenda and disclosures before you sign.

She will personally attend --not her assistant-- your physical inspection and your final inspection along with you.  You are not doing this alone. Samira is here every step of the way until escrow closes.

BEFORE we ever write your purchase offer, we provide you with written "Comps" (comparable closed sales) going back SIX MONTHS, so that you have a clear picture of the value of the property you intend to purchase.

Our Concierge Service includes your very own Private Client Portal with access to MLS listings that WE as Brokers have access to! So, you can search properties and Open Houses to your heart's delight throughout California.

You will enjoy complete transparency here. Unlike some agents who show you only a few properties and expect you to buy one, we encourage you to take as long as you like and offer you state-wide MLS access with your own password. We don't know of ANY agents or brokers who offer these services. 

Legal Services Free of Charge:

  • Review purchase agreement and revise as needed to protect you as buyer;
  • Draft counter offer with specific legal language to protect your interests;
  • Properly documenting the file to preserve your rights and interests in case a dispute arises with the seller during escrow;
  • Draft custom-made disclosures (not boiler plate) for the seller to sign as needed by your specific situation to clarify and memorialize representations and warranties made by seller, to minimize disputes after close of escrow;
  • Analyze the Title report and underlying documents in the chain of title, discuss issues with the Title Insurance Company.
  • Request Title to provide plotted easements as part of your Title report, so you can visually see where the easements are located on the property before you purchase.